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Founded by a team of innovators and dreamers who are passionate about the many benefits of CBD. AVO Labs is dedicated to the refined process of CBD extraction and to introducing the finest CBD products to the market. With our sophisticated extraction process, we guarantee the preservation of purity in our products. Furthermore, we strive in believing our products can play an integral role in your wellness journey.

We work together in the heart of Los Angeles as a team driven by wellness, we aim to continuously research the variety of benefits that cannabidiol provides, so we can keep creating products that we are proud of for people that we believe in. Our products are 100% manufactured and responsibly sourced in the U.S

About AVO


Here at AVO Labs, we hope to withdraw the stigma connected to cannabis cultivation and its astounding benefits. By introducing our products to the market we hope to develop its effectiveness with the highest standards and in compliance with all federal laws. As AVO Labs continues to grow, It continues to research and share the revered benefits of CBD, allowing us to establish a brand and product that aims for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of you. AVO Labs serves a culture of shared values with its customers, promoting mindfulness, self-care, and well-being. Our brand is well-founded by cannabis innovators who go above and beyond to understand the science of cannabidiol benefits for a higher quality of life. Our loyalty lies in the development of our customers’ wellness journey and in becoming one of the most trusted sources of CBD products in the market.

About AVO


We offer three types of therapeutic topicals, a cold intensified roll-on, a penetrating heating gel, and a dual heating and cooling roll-on balm guaranteed to relieve your physical discomforts. We offer three types of tinctures. Rest by Avo Labs combines a sleep-promoting CBD and CBN, Wellness by Avo Labs promotes overall wellbeing by combining CBD and CBG, Relax by Avo Labs combines a high CBD concentration promoting a higher state of mental and physical relaxation. When it comes to formulation, we have a strict regulation in place to ensure we use the best ingredients possible, so our customers can be satisfied with what we offer. Our blend of premium ingredients and high-quality hemp-derived CBD is specially designed for topicals and tinctures. Here at Avo Labs, we believe that our body and mind play the most essential role in a healthy lifestyle. Adding a self-care routine to the mix should be simple. With Avo Labs you can select the best product that suits your needs, apply them consistently, and start to live a higher quality lifestyle.



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I love Avo Labs products so much, I’ve been searching for a reliable CBD topical I can use daily and not worry if my skin gets super dry. I know this might sound like a typical review but, it’s true I can undoubtedly say my skin is not dry with this topical! Finally a product I can trust. THANK YOU

Marissa k.
Comfort on the go

I recommend the cool and heat roll on balm, I work at a shipping facility carrying boxes.
After many years with this job, my shoulders aren’t what they used to be. This balm has been a lifesaver, I apply it before I start my shift and after. It’s perfectly sized to carry with me wherever I go.

Luis E.
Relax and Sleep

The Relax tincture has helped balance my anxiety. I was skeptical after trying so many different tinctures on the market. Anxiety is hard to control and even harder to find something that will work. This tincture has made me a believer, my level of anxiety is well under control, I feel so relaxed now I can fall asleep easily and calmly now.

Fernando L.

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